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3D Butterflies

This is perhaps my most versatile set yet. It would make a wonderful collection
for you to use with your children or grandchildren as the designs stitch out quickly and are very unique in their uses.
They are simple to apply to just about anything you can think of...

All of the designs below were digitized for irridescent, metallic, variegated and regular threads.

14 Designs -Each design digitized in 2 sizes with complete instructions.

-photos are of actual stitchouts-

3D Butterflies Set: $9.95

Select Format

headband,.............. lampshade..................... and bookmarks on grosgrain ribbon...


a placecard made with butterfly from your "bonus" set

...baby socks...can't you just imagine a little one in a carrier, kicking their feet

and watching the butterflies sparkle?

... a sunvisor ladie's hat....


and pins shown front and back...


The butterflies can also be sewn onto any garment as there is a special placement stitch included to make it easy for you...the bookmark pictures above show you how this is done, and of course, there are directions that help you .

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