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My Collections

All 4x4 and 5x7, 6x6, and 8x8 sets can be purchased directly from my website here. Many of my design sets are offered in various sizes to suit the hoop sizes you have. Several sets include a free sample design which you can download directly from the design set page . See the instructions on each design set page. If you need a format that you do not see offered, you can contact me, and I will get it converted for you.
Click on the (size) listing representing any set below to view all the individual designs included.
Baltimore Applique (8x8)
New Musical Snowflakes
Mega Set 2018 (4x4)
Applique Victorian Ladies (8x8) Baltimore Applique
Quilt Blocks (6x6 & 8x8)
Musical Snowflake Coasters
3 sizes included: (5,6,& 8)
& FREE sample!
Handbells (4x4)
Scandinavian Christmas
4x4 & 5x7
Cardinal Trivet HollySwirl Collection
Christmas Cardinals
(Many Sizes & Many Projects)
(Many Sizes & Projects)
Candles Snowbonnets
Candles of Hope
(4x4 & 5x5)
(4x4 & 5x7)
Floralite sample Butterfly Applique Bags
Floralites; 4 sizes included:
(4,5,6,& 8)
Applique Victorian Ladies 1&2 Combo Set (5x7)
Butterfly Applique 1 & 2;  Combo Set (5x7)
Folk Art (4x4)  (5x7) 
(6x6)  (8x8)
Fruit Medley (4x4) (5x7) Applique Florals (4x4) (5x7) (8x8)
With Free Birds & Bugs Bonus Set
Bluespotted Swedish Dancing
3D Butterflies (4x4) Floral Whispers
(5x7) (6x6) (8x8)
Butterfly Whispers
(4x4) (5x7) (8x8)
A Little Bit of Sweden  (5x7)
Sculpted Alphabets & Sculpted Beauty
(Several Sizes)
Applique Farm Animals (5x7) (6x6) (8x8)
Email Emotions (4x4)
Ostrich sample Sample Alpplique Monkeys girl monkey sample Patriotic Alphabet
African Baby Animals (5x7)
Applique Boy Monkeys (5x7)
Applique Girl Monkeys (5x7) Patriotic Alphabet (4x4)
Multicolored bird Red Hat 2
North American Birds & Insects
Cross Stitch (4x4)
Red Hat Applique (All Sizes)
Candlewick Bears
Candlewick Bears (4x4) Scene makers Country (6x6)&(8x8)
his n hers sample
Scotty Dogs (4x4) His 'N Hers (4x4 & 5x7)

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