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Cutest Pumpkin in the "You Choose Your Way" sets

My "You Choose Your Way" series debuts with these adorable pumpkins offered as filled stitching, regular applique, with Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl applique and an outline version to be colored in by children and adults alike. The main picture is of the Glitter HTV pumpkin on a size 18 month hoodie. It made quite a hit with my grand-daughter. Full instructions included...Enjoy and have fun creating these designs for that special little pumpkin in your family patch!

Creatively Yours,
Wendy Meg

Cutest Pumpkin Set $4.95
(All payments will be made through the secure PayPal site.)

Select Format
Glitter Heat Transfer
Vinyl on Hoodie
Applique Colored with crayon or "Inktense" pencil
Pumpkin to be colored Filled Pumpkin

Size and Color Identification Chart

size and color chart

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