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Victorian Ladies Set 1 (5x7)

This is a new combination of Victorian ladies...14 ladies and 5 Victorian sayings...! There are ladies here from the city, the country, rich, not so rich, enjoying life, pondering a message in a letter, formal, informal, but above all, Victorian to the core. There are several quilt layout renditions shown below to start you thinking about one you could make. You will also receive a coordinating free set of borders and corners. To view the free set, use the link provided below. I will email these extra sets to you within 48 hours of purchase. God bless!

Enjoy! Creatively yours, Wendy

Victorian Ladies Set 1;(Formally: $79.00); NOW JUST $29.95
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Should you wish to purchase just a few designs from this set, just write to me at the address below and request
the design by the name from the size chart below. Individual designs are $5.00 each.

You will also receive a border set (click on Pix of borders to see them all).
Victorian Sayings

Size & Color Chart

Victorian Ladies 1 size chart
The sample layouts below, are examples to spark your imagination and creativity.
They show how you could use the "Ladies" with the free borders set.

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