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Butterfly Whispers (4x4)

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The inspiration for these designs came from requests for light stitch-count butterflies that would grace summer-weight knit T shirts, so here they are! Also splendid for a quilt or anywhere you would like a delicate design that stitches quickly There are other color combinations shown below as I do not imagine everyone likes the same colors! Metallics and variegated threads really enhance these butterflies, too...Enjoy!!!

Enjoy! Creatively yours, Wendy

Butterfly Whispers (4x4) Designs: $19.95
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Should you wish to purchase just a few designs from this set, just write to me at the address below and request
the design by the name from the size chart below. Individual designs are $5.00 each.

Size & Color Chart for this 4 inch set

Butterfly Whispers size chart

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