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Patriotic Alphabet (4x4)

This Patriotic Alphabet Set will help you spell out your patriotic statement in RED, WHITE, & BLUE.

Show your Red, White, and Blue colors on your patriotic project.

Patriotic Alphabet

Patriotic Alphabet: $9.95 -- Now on sale for only $5.00
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This alphabet fits the 4 inch hoop. I spent a lot of time digitizing each letter so there would be a minimum of trims so enjoy and brighten up your holiday attire!

(TIP: If sewing on knits, I would advise using a polymesh stabizer...maybe two thicknesses for
a heavier knit, and use either iron on polymesh or spray regular polymesh with 505
spray adhesive first. You want to keep your knit fabric from stretching in the hoop!)

This Sample shows you how you can put the letters together.

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