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Email Emotions (4x4)

For The Diehard Facebook Fan or "Tweeter" - Actual stitch outs
This set of 29 designs will complilment any tech savy soul. See the free download below.

Email Emotions set; $9.95 -- Now on sale for only $5.00
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The pictures below are all actual stitch outs.


Project Ideas



Try using metalic and varigated threads with these designs for truly awesome results. Everyone loves the sweatshirt. I stitched the designs on a suede-like fabric, trimmed them with a pinking-shear type roller blade, sprayed them with spray adhesive to hold them where I wanted them, and stitched them to the sweatshirt. It brings lots of :)))) wherever it goes.

The stocking is a great way to create something really different. Stitched out on glitter felt, and trimmed with the same roller blade, you then glue the patches on including the greeting at the top.

For the pillowcase, simply use your designs to create the border and stitch around them all with a decorative stitch. I chose hearts, but there are many that would be nice so use your imagination and have fun ;-)

Sample Design

Download Sample


Creatively Yours, Wendy

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