Collage of Snowflakes

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Musical Snowflakes MEGA set 2018

all designs fit the 4x4 hoop except the ITH mug rug which fits the 5x7 inch hoop

Here is a fun and unique way to add beauty to your holiday season. These designs stitch out quickly and I used every type of metallic thread I could find. And then...I discovered Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl and the rest is history. There are three groupings of the snowflakes... the original, the single sided Glitter vinyl which are for use on tote bags, sweatshirts, jackets, table linens, kleenex box covers, tree skirts, homemade stockings, Christmas wall hangings, or wherever you want a bit of glorious seasonal color. The 5x7 inch mug rug, is an ITH project, and makes a terrific gift. Then there are double sided ITH snowflakes that you will use for ornaments, gift tags, and coasters. Full comprehensive instructions will guide you in making these a delight to embroider.

I have a page set up for you to check out the Heat Transfer Guidelines.

Get a head start on the holidays!

Glitter Musical Snowflakes 2018 for the 4x4" hoop, Price: $24.95

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Original Snowflakes with a few new ones added!

Size and Color Chart for Original Musical Snowflakes

Musical Snowflakes 4x4 Size

Single Sided Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Musical Snowflakes (say that three times fast!)

Mug Rug       glitter vinyl closeup

I hope you can see the beauty of the Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl in the closeup of the mug rug...put it in the sun and it is breathtakingly lovely. I walk you through the way to make these as well as give you comprehensive stitch and color charts. They are not difficult, and I also tell you where to get your Glitter Vinyl. Enjoy!

Single Sided Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Size & Color Chart

Glitter Single Snowflakes size

Double Sided Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Musical Snowflakes

Tassle     All Snowflakes

And now... drum roll... the culmination to this set...These can be used as coasters, gift tags and ornaments. All you do for the gift tags and ornaments is create a small hole with an awl or ice pick and thread your ribbon or tassle through. They sparkle and throw their light right back to you. Awesome! Children as well as adults will love them. Again, full instructions and stitch and color charts are included as well as the sources for your materials. Go for it!

Double Sided Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Musical Snowflakes Size & Color Chart

Glitter HTV Size

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