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Applique Scotty Dogs 4x4

Scotty dogs are always adorable and these cute little dogs will go over big with your children or grandchildren! Each dog has a full body under the coat so you can choose whether to do them in plaids, black or a combination of both. A member of the terrier family, these dogs inherit the desire to rid the family of any rodents as seen in the pup below, with his proud mama looking back at him. Enjoy! Many thanks to Barbara Powers for the stitchouts shown below. She used a varigated dark gray flannel to make them so lifelike!

Barbara also adorned these napkins with her Scotty's.

Applique Scotty Dogs for the 4x4" hoop: $19.95 -- Now on sale for only $5.00

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Should you wish to purchase just a few designs from this set, just write to me at the address below and request
the design by the name from the size chart below. Individual designs are $5.00 each.

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