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"Victorian Snowflakes " (4x4)

Perfect for embelishing with crystals or with my secret ingredient! (The instructions tell all)

This set has 15 designs, digitized in two sizes. The ones shown directly below are the larger of the two, completely filling a 4x4 hoop.Then at the very bottom of the pictures there is one that has a border. All of the snowflakes have a version that looks like this. With the border, it can be an ornament, suncatcher, bookmark, or coaster, and is double sided so the stitches will not show on the reverse side. Without the border, it's size will fit in the 3" wide opening found in most photocards or precut cardstock. Instructions and a really neat color chart are included.

Creatively yours, Wendy

Victorian Snowflake Set: $14.95
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I am so grateful to Margo Phillips of Anchorage, Alaska for all her help in creating these stitchouts!

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