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      If you are looking for custom embroidery designs, I'm here to do it for you ! I have separated my work here so that you can see examples that relate to a particular type of design. I manually punch my designs.

If you have a design that needs to be digitized for your shop, send it along to me as an email attachment, and I will give you a free quote. Take a look at some of my custom designs. My email address is below.

      If you have a project or design that you would like digitized, please go to the digitizng order page, and I will send you a free quote. Digitizing Ordering Info.

Clicking on an image below will take you to a page where you can see samples of my Custom Digitizing relating to each type of picture.
People Designs Pets and Animal Designs Buildings & Architecture
Church Related Designs Ethnic Designs Medical
Jacketback Designs Miltary Designs Vehicle Designs
Public Service Designs Sports Designs Heraldry Designs
Business Logos


You can reach me at:

Or call me at: 740-502-4743

Copyright Statement:
Any designs I have digitized, including samples, are copyright protected, in all formats.
This means you, the buyer, are free to stitch them out forever, and you are free to keep, give away or sell items you have embroidered with my designs - that is why I create them 4 U .   However, sharing or selling the design files to others is illegal, and is damaging to the digitizer's original intent. Instead, please share my web address with others so that they may purchase their own designs. I do thank you, in advance, for your integrity in this matter.