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Sculpted Alphabets & Sculpted Beauty
- Combo Set

Pot holders

These are quick and easy to sew designs that
can make very nice personalized gifts.

I am now offering all of the monograms in the different fonts plus the Sculpted beauty sets shown below. You can click on the "size" indicators below to see samples of each of the individual sets which are now included in this Combo offer.

Click on the (size) listing representing any set below to view all the individual designs included.
Anne Marie Alpha (4x4) Marty Alpha (4x4) Melanie Alpha (4x4) Regina Alpha (4x4)
Sports Alpha (4x4) Sculpted Beauty (4x4) Sculpted Beauty (5x7)
All of the Alphabet sets plus the Sculpted Beauty sets for only $19.95 -- Now on sale for only $5.00

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Humming Birds On Fleece
hummers on fleece

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