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Redwork Snow Bonnets (5x7) & (4x4)

I am so blessed with this refined and gentle artwork by Julia Baez of Clipartoon ...it was pure joy to digitize, and of course I added in a few touches of my own to personalize it. You will receive BOTH the 4x4 and 5x7 inch designs in one set as this will give you so many more options in your holiday decorating. Try them in white on colored fabric...they would really stand out that way, too. Randy and I both pray that you might have a Christmas season filled with the warmth of Love and friendship, and that we might all be a light in a world that seems to contain so much darkness.... it is with these thoughts that we bring you Christmas Snowbonnets.

God bless....and Enjoy! Creatively yours, Wendy

Christmas Snow Bonnets [Both sizes included] (5x7) & (4x4) :$21.95

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Inspired by: clipartoon

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