Victorian Ladies Collage

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Applique Victorian Ladies (8x8)

This is a new totally reworked version of Victorian Ladies...24 ladies with the borders around them, plus a set of borders in which you can place the letters from the 2 Victorian alphabets also included! There are ladies here from the city, the country, rich, not so rich, enjoying life, pondering a message in a letter, formal, informal, but above all, Victorian to the core. Stitch and size pictures let you make sure these will fit your hoop. There are several quilt layout renditions shown below to start you thinking about one you could make. I will email these extra sets to you within 48 hours of purchase. God bless! Enjoy!
Creatively yours, Wendy

Applique Victorian Ladies (8x8) Designs; : $29.95.
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Bonnie Good sent in a pic of her finished wall hanging.
The fabric in each lady represents a "4-H/ Make it With Wool" project.

Bonnie, this is a beautiful rendition of the ladies... so very creative... many thanks for sending this to us!

The sample layouts below, are examples to spark your imagination and creativity.
These pix were sent to me by Ruby McElhaney. Very creative and beautiful; thanks Ruby.

Size & Color Chart for this 8 inch set

Size Chart for Victorian Ladies
Size Chart for Victorian Ladies
Size Chart for Victorian Ladies

As a Bonus you also will receive a set of Victorian Borders

Plain Alphabet Floral Alphabet

As an extra bonus you will receive these two alphabets that can be used with the borders

Size Chart for Victorian Ladies Size Chart for Victorian Ladies
Below you see a sample of combining the borders with an alphabet character.
combining alphabet with border

Sample quilts show the designs with various color schemes.

quilt 1a quilt 1f quilt 1b quilt 1d

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