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Digital Modes in Coshocton

This is a new page on our website devoted to the digital modes. Here we explain some of the current digital modes that memebers are using for ARES (emergency services), and for everyday contacts. Some of the many modes include: PSK-31, RTTY, Olivia, MT3, APRS, (and even CW {the very first digital mode}).

We will try to list links and info. to help out the digital ham.

Coshocton Digital Net

Join us on the 145.230 Repeater on the first Wednesday of each month to experiment and learn about the digital modes. The net meets at 8:00PM local (for the fall and winter season. The net uses both voice and digital modes (particularly using the FLdigi application.)

Useful Link from the UK

Here is a very intersting and informative link originating in the United Kingdom. Take a look at: Digital Modes Waterfall

Toughbook Stuff

Several Panasonic Toughbook laptops have been loaned out to some members of ARES in Coshocton County. The toughbooks are on loan to Coshocton County ARES. They are assigned to Coshocton County ARES and are used for ARES and SKYWARN activities.

Those that have been entrusted with these computers should endevour to keep the operating system, the fldigi suite of programs, and documents for Coshocton ARES up to date. AA8BN will make available the ARES files on a disk or stick, so please contact Steve for them.

Another important program that should be installed on the Toughbooks would be the free office suite that is available from Libre Office Suite.

We hope to make use of the new machines with the USB microphones on our Coshocton Digital Nets.


The source for this popular digital program written by W1HKJ can be found at the Source Forge website. The program is free. There are actually several programs that work together; fldigi,flmsg, flwrap, and flamp. These all can be found on the above webpage. There are several versions of each dedicated to an individual operating platform, so get the one for your system. The latest version of each should be represented on that page.

There is also a very nice online user manual that is good reading letting you know how to set things up, and how to use the program. It is found at W1HKJ's own website

Fldigi for Android Devices

The popular FLDIGI application is available for android devices. With this, you can operate digital modes using your cell phone and HT, tablet and mobile, or whatever android device and rig you have! Click HERE for a good article by AB8SV on how to get and use the Android app.

Fldigi Latest Version

The latest version of fldigi is: fldigi-4.0.9, updated on: September 3,2017
The latest version of flmsg is: 4.0.3, updated on: July 19, 2017

Again, Click on the Source Forge website to download the latest version.