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Digital Modes in Coshocton

This is a new page on our website devoted to the digital modes. Here we explain some of the current digital modes that memebers are using for ARES (emergency services), and for everyday contacts. Some of the many modes include: PSK-31, RTTY, Olivia 8-500, MT63, APRS, (and even CW {the very first digital mode}).

We will try to list links and info. to help out the digital ham.

Coshocton Digital Net

Join us on the 147.045 Repeater every Sunday to experiment and learn about the digital modes. The net meets at about 9:20PM local (right after the voice CCARA Net. The net uses both voice and digital modes (particularly using the FLdigi application.)

Digital Nets on HF

The following lists some of the digital nets in Ohio and across the country that can be heard and accessed from within Ohio.


HF Digital Nets

Net Frequency Digital Mode Day Time Purpose
OHDEN 3.585MHz Olivia 8-500 Tuesday 7:45PM Local Ohio Digital Em. Net
International SATERN Digital 14.065MHz Olivia 8-500 Saturday 1PM Local Salvation Army Net
Minnasota ARES Digital Net 3.585MHzOlivia 8-500 Thursday 9PM Minn ARES
SWEGA Digital Training Net
3583.5 PSK125 Thursday 9PM ARES Training
Michigan Digital Traffic Net 3.583MHz Olivia 8-500 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7PM NTS Traffic
Indiana Digital Traffic Net 3.585MHz Olivia 8-500 Monday thru Friday 9AM Eastern Time NTS Traffic
NH HF Digital Net 3.583MHz PSK125 Saturday 7AM Local Traffic Net
PA NBEMS Net 3.584MHz (2500HZ) THOR22 Sunday 8:00AM Local NBEMS
NJ NBEMS Net 3.584.5MHz (2000Hz) various modes Sunday 9:30AM Local NBEMS
WV Digital Net 3.585MHz(1500Hz) Contestia 8/500 Wednesday 8:30PM Local Training/Message Handling
Stillwater Amateur Radio Assoc. Net 3.583Mhz thor 16 Sunday 8PM local club net
Ontario HF Digital Net 3.585MHz Olivia 8-500 Thursday 8:30PM Local Roundtable Net
Digital Watering Hole Nov-Mar 3582.75Khz Mar-Nov 7073.25KHz Olivia 8-500 Sunday 7:30PM local Roundtable Net
West Central District ARES Net 3.583MHz BPSK 63 Monday 9PM local Alabama ARES
NY NBEMS Net 3.585MHz Olivia 8-500 Saturday 8:00AM Local NY NBEMS

Note: All of these nets have been accessed by Coshocton Stations.

SWR Radiogram Broadcast

There is a broadcast station in Florida that transmits an AM signal using the ham digital modes. They transmit news, photos, information for a half hour on Sundays starting at 3:30PM local time on 7780KHz at 1500Hz on the waterfall. The station is WRMI. This is an interesting use of the digital modes for short wave listeners. We might learn something there. There is also a repeat of the program at 6:30PM local on the same frequency. The mode they use is MFSK32 among others. On Mondays they have an early morning broadcast at 3:00-3:30AM on 5850KHz and 7730KHz. All of these broadcasts are on the AM mode. Give a listen.

How to Configure FLDIGI

Warren WX8OH has found a very good set of tutorials on setting up and using fldigi and flmsg. It is by Rick Frost K4REF. He does a very complete job of guiding you through the set up and operation of this digital platform. They are found on youtube, and the one on configuration is found Here. You can also search youtube for Rick's videos by his callsign, K4REF.

These videos are helpful even if you have been using fldigi for awhile.

Useful Link from the UK

Here is a very intersting and informative link originating in the United Kingdom. Take a look at: Digital Modes Waterfall


The source for this popular digital program written by W1HKJ can be found at the Source Forge website. The program is free. There are actually several programs that work together; fldigi,flmsg, flwrap, and flamp. These all can be found on the above webpage. There are several versions of each dedicated to an individual operating platform, so get the one for your system. The latest version of each should be represented on that page.

There is also a very nice online user manual that is good reading letting you know how to set things up, and how to use the program. It is found at W1HKJ's own website

Fldigi for Android Devices

The popular FLDIGI application is available for android devices. With this, you can operate digital modes using your cell phone and HT, tablet and mobile, or whatever android device and rig you have! Click HERE for a good article by AB8SV on how to get and use the Android app. There is a new version of this app as of December 17, 2017.

Fldigi Latest Version

The latest version of fldigi is: fldigi-4.0.16, updated on: February 9, 2018.
The latest version of flmsg is: 4.0.5, updated on: January 17, 2018.

Again, Click on the Source Forge website to download the latest version.