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CCARA Club News

August Club Meeting

The August club meeting will be held at the County Services Building at 7PM on August 1st. On the program for this night will be a class on filling out a radiogram message with practice.

440 Repeater Still Crackling

The 440 repeater is still having "crackling" issues. The original antenna is back up and running again. It seems to be susceptible to crackling noises especially during times of increased winds. Bear with us until a suitable replacement antenna can be obtained and installed.

2017 Field Day

What a wonderful field day this year at the Brown farm. Conditions and arrangements could not have been better.

A few pix submitted by Steve AA8BN

N8VV at CW N8VV at the CW postion

Charlie KB8PXM Charlie KB8PXM

KL7RF sending traffic KL7RF sending traffic

KC8PUW KC8PUW at the phone station

NF8U NF8U at CW position

KE8WIP KE8WIP at the digital station

the grill and how about the good eats - Thanks Will KC8PUW and Amanda KD8ZBR

Sunset and antennas A beautiful sunset and a beautiful day

These pix from KC8PUW

Set up of equipment Set up of equipment

Antenna Construction Antenna Fabrication

Location Fine location

Chow Down Good Food

New Version of Fldigi and Flmsg is Available

Check out the information on our Digital Modes page to find out where to get the latest free version of the popular digital program. A new version of these apps dated July 8 & April 18

Wires-X News

AB8RR now has a Wires-X node connected up at his station.

WIRES-X Stands for Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System, it is unique to Yaesu. My node is AB8RR-ND and the local node frequency is 446.1000 MHz, DN Mode (1/2 data, 1/2 digital voice). Due to the use of Echolink on the 2 Meter "Side" of the antenna, WIRES-X is relegated to 70 cm. I am not currently using "Digital Squelch" or DSQ but may implement it due to some random birdie style of idle noise. The link to Yaesu's WIRES-X site is: Here. There is a wealth of information available on WIRES-X here, I may have a comprehensive document to make available soon.

I'm still learning the ins and outs of Wires-X so I'm not extremely knowledgeable. I did connect to the America Link room and participate in the net tonight.

045 Repeater Tower Change

We are making changes to the 045 repeater antenna. On Sunday October 30th a group of the CCARA members went up to the Keene repeater site, and in spite of some rainy weather, set up about 45 feet of tower on the opposite side of the Keene Township building.

On Friday November 18th we were able to get the last two sections of tower up; however due to a defect in the new Hustler G7 antenna, we needed to get replacement parts. We now have those parts and are looking toward a re-schedule date for installation of the antenna on the tower. Due to the winter weather it may be awhile before we are able to complete the tower project. We will keep updating the website here as we proceed with our plans. Thanks to KB8HEA & KL7RF for the photos below.

Tower work 1 Tower work 2 Tower crew

Ohio State Parks on the Air with NF8U

NF8U went to the Muskingum River Park, Lock 11 at Ellis, Ohio on the 10th of September, to participate in the 9th annual Portage County Amateur Radio Services Ohio State Parks On The Air (OSPOTA) contest. Lock 11 at Ellis is, I believe, the only lock of the 11 on the Muskingum River, from Marietta to Dresden, which is not operational. The other 10 south on the River are, making the river navigable from the boat ramp at Lock 11, clear to Marietta and the Ohio River. The details can be found here, Muskingum River Here are some pictures of the Lock and park. There is primitive camping at Ellis, and enough room to set up an antenna. The other Locks on the river have limited area for antennas, and no camping that I know of.

Ellis Park Ellis Park Ellis Park Ellis Park Ellis Park

The contest started at 1600Z on Saturday, and ran until 2400Z. Starting out, 75 meters was good for NVIS but about 1830Z the band died from my location. 40 meters was very long and I heard no park stations. I tuned around for another hour and a half, then called it a day. The 17 parks I did contact covered virtually the entire state, once again proving the usefulness of a good NVIS antenna. The weakest signal I received was 5/5 and the strongest 5/9 +10. Of course, the band was up and down some until it went south for good.

From the pictures, you can see the campgrounds, the lock itself in disrepair, my antenna setup, and my operating position. The Toughbook worked well with N1MM logging program and running my Icom 7200. Two 12 volt marine batteries, one powering the radio through a N8XJK battery booster (highly recommended for battery operation) and the other powering the laptop through an inverter. I have no idea how long this setup will run the gear, but it is at least 8 hours, with the radio battery falling only to 11.4 volts with 100 watts out of the transmitter, transmitting perhaps 10% of that time. I believe the laptop charger was drawing 2.6 amps from the inverter, after I depleted the laptop battery to 41% before plugging in the charger. That would be 26 amps from the battery. This battery would probably only be good for one Laptop recharge. Not very efficient is it? 12 vdc to 120 vac the back to 16 vac to the laptop, to whatever the laptop battery voltage is. There must be a better way. It turns out there are car plug in laptop chargers. I find 90 watt ones seem to be common. I = P/E so that seems to be 5 5/8 amps. 12 vdc to 16 vac at unknown efficiency, I'm betting is 10 amps of so from the 15 amp rated automotive accessory or cigarette lighter plug in. Much better than using that inverter. That should be good for running the laptop for 8 or more hours, or 2 recharges. Just a guess on my part though.

Anyway, it was a fun day away from home with weather much better than the rain of last year. Looking forward to next year and better band conditions. Mike NF8U

Meeting Minutes

Don't forget that the club meeting minutes are available on the Meetings page. Check them out before the next meeting to keep up with current information.

Ohio HF Net and Digital Net Information

The HF Net run by the Team W8SGT at the State of Ohio Emergency Operations Center in Columbus Ohio. A voice net is conducted every Tuesday at 7:15 pm on 40 meters and then on 75 meters. For net frequencies check with your EC. All are welcome to check in. You do not have to be an ARES volunteer to check in. Check in often and put Coshocton Co. in their log.

The Ohio ARES/OES Digital Emergency Net is held every Tuesday at 7:45 PM. Anyone with questions or comments should send Net Manager Gary NJ8BB an email to

The 147.045MHz CCARA Club Repeater Antenna and Equipment

Temporary Tower New repeater Fusion

KL7RF photo KB8HEA photo

Ohio Single Sideband Net

The OSSBN is a great introduction to the ARRL's National Traffic System. It meets three times a day: 10:30AM, 4:15PM, and currently 6:00PM to handle traffic in, out, and througout the state of Ohio, and the rest of the country. Check them out, and listen in on 75 meters on 3.9725MHz. This is a very active net and represents some of the best of amateur radio operating, as well as continuing the fine tradiotion of providing emergency communications in existance since the inception of ham radio iteslf. This was the foundation of the formation of the Amateur Radio RELAY League. This is where the "Relay" came from in the name.

Check out the OSSBN website at: Ohio Single Sideband Net

Net on 440

The KB9JSC repeater will be linked to the 145.230MHz for the Monday ARES net at 9PM local, so you can check in to the net on either band. The frequency of the UHF repeater is 443.5375+MHz.

Right after the ARES net, the 440 link will be brought down, and there will be a new net run on the 440 repeater alone. The purpose of this net is for folks to set up and test their equipment on the 440 band and get used to operating there. If you have 440 capability, you are welcome to check in to the net. You don't have to be a member of any group to join in.