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CCARA Club News

Club Repeater WORKING AGAIN!

After a bit of experimentation, Tom KB8HEA discovered that our power amplifier for the 045 has failed, probably causing the interference on the receive part of the repeater. Now we are operating at the 5 watt power level with no external amp connected. The results seem to be good.

We will try the 045 for all of the club nets as usual and for the club meeting in February.

Club Meeting: March 3rd

The club meeting for March will be on March 3rd. We will hold the meeting on the air on the club repeater 147.045MHZ. This monty we are going to experiment with having a short program on Google Meet. We will have the business meeting and then we will send out a google meet invitation to each participant's email address. You will then be able to use your browser to join the meet and participate and view the program.

Club Meeting: February 3rd

The February club meeeting was again held on the air; this month we used the club repeater 147.045MHz on Wednesday February 3rd at 7:00PM.

Skywarn Classes News

Fre McMullen from the Pittsburgh weather service office says that they are offering three Skywarn classes this spring. They will only be online, so you will need to sign up. Two of the classes will be at 6:30PM on 3/1 and 3/17. Information regarding these classes are on the weather service Skywarn page Here. See more info. on their Facebook page

N8VV our CW Guru does it again!

N8VV A very nice certificate for the year

Ham's Social Distancing

Ft8 & JS8CALL Article

Thanks to Heinz KB8VIP for writing and submitting a short article describing two neat operating modes for making use of poor propagation. You can find this article on the Digital modes page.

New Club Patches and Mugrugs

There are "personalized" club patches and "Mugrugs" available for members of CCARA. Check out this PAGE to see what is available.

Icom Radio Repair

Check out the Links page if you are in need of an Icom repair. This repair facility is recommended by club member experience.

Solar/Terrestrial Weather and Propagation

Check out the website, for current propagation forcasts and solar activity as it relates to ham radio operations.

Meeting Minutes

Don't forget that the club meeting minutes are available on the Meetings page. Check them out before the next meeting to keep up with current information.

The 147.045MHz CCARA Club Repeater Antenna and Equipment

Temporary Tower New repeater Fusion

KL7RF photo KB8HEA photo

Ohio Single Sideband Net

The OSSBN is a great introduction to the ARRL's National Traffic System. It meets three times a day: 10:30AM, 4:15PM, and currently 6:00PM to handle traffic in, out, and througout the state of Ohio, and the rest of the country. Check them out, and listen in on 75 meters on 3.9725MHz. This is a very active net and represents some of the best of amateur radio operating, as well as continuing the fine tradiotion of providing emergency communications in existance since the inception of ham radio iteslf. This was the foundation of the formation of the Amateur Radio RELAY League. This is where the "Relay" came from in the name.

Check out the OSSBN website at: Ohio Single Sideband Net

Net on 440

The KB9JSC repeater will be linked to the 145.230MHz for the Monday ARES net at 9PM local, so you can check in to the net on either band. The frequency of the UHF repeater is 443.5375+MHz.

Right after the ARES net, the 440 link will be brought down, and there will be a new net run on the 440 repeater alone. The purpose of this net is for folks to set up and test their equipment on the 440 band and get used to operating there. If you have 440 capability, you are welcome to check in to the net. You don't have to be a member of any group to join in.