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CCARA Ham Shack Pictures

This page is dedicated to show some of the images of the operating positions, antenna arrays, and other shots of the member's of the CCARA club. You are invited to send a pix to KL7RF for posting on this page. Send in old pix, new ones, or even shots of the operator too. Just for fun!

Steve N8MXX
Steve N8MXX's new station set up
Frank KA8BJA
Frank KA8BJA Station
Frank KA8BJA
Frank KA8BJA
KB8HEC Shack
KB8HEC's new desk setup
This shot of KE8WIP's shack was sent to me via fldigi. I am impressed as to what the digital modes can do. Thanks Wip.
KD8VIP Shack
Now this is a real "shack". Thanks Heinz.
WX8OH Station
WX8OH Shack
WX8OH Radio Stack

AB8RR Shack
AB8RR, Eric's shack, ready for fldigi
AB8RR Mobile 1
AB8RR, Eric's Mobile; ready to travel
AB8RR Mobile 2
AB8RR, Eric's Mobile
KC8PUW Shack
Will's shack while operating PSK
Dan finished tower
Dan, N8VV's antenna and tower array
Dan tower view
View from atop of N8VV's Tower
Tom's Shack Kb8HEA
Shot of Tom Cordes KB8HEA's "Super" pristine shack.

KD8RDP Shack
Rick Phillips KD8RDP's "Operations Central"

KL7RF Shack
Randy Fisher KL7RF 's operating position

KL7RF Tower
Beautified tower at KL7RF
WN8RGW Shack
A look at Jim Wolff WN8RGW's operations center